Polaroid 110A Pathfinder Land Camera

Camera setting:
Nikon D5000 + AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-105mm f /3.5 – 5.6G ED VR
aperture priority , ISO400, 62mm, f /6.3, 1/160sec

Lightroom settings:
Colour temp: 6000, Contrast: -15, highlights: +50, Blacks: +30, vividness: -20,
Curve high contrast, Split tints (high: 76,25 ; Low: 290,24 ; Balance: +17)

polaroid, land camera, (d)ocular, docular, 110a

(d)coular, docular, dailypost, postaday, polaroid landcamera 110A, pathfinder

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2 Responses to Polaroid 110A Pathfinder Land Camera

  1. sedge808 says:

    HUGE fave.
    So very cool.

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