Me (behind the flash ;) )

A test shot with a new polaroid I received last week.  Not ideal (low light conditions)
A Polaroid colorpack II, this type of camera works with the fujifilm fuji fp-100c & fp-3000b, still available on the internet.

Camera settings:
Film: Fujifilm Instant Color Film FP-100C Profesional
Expiration date: 06/2012
Flash: Philips Photoflux PFC4

Room temperature: +/-21°C,
Development in the original cold-clip underneath my armpit (+/- 35°C) for 65 seconds.

Since it’s a FP-100c (ISO 100) and the original films were ISO 75,
I adjusted the darker/lighter wheel a bit to dark
(maybe I shouldn’t have done it, further tests will show).

polaroid FP-1-2

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